Frequently asked questions

What position should the phone be in?

Place it on its side (thin edge) on the floor with the flash at the bottom facing the door. If your phone has rounded edges try leaning it against the wall.

Can I leave the door open?

It’s best to keep it closed to get the most out of the experience

The door has glass panes. Will the effect be the same?

It’s better to stage the shot in front of a door without glass as otherwise the flash on your mobile won’t light up the whole room and the “lights on” effect will be lost.

What if my children try to get into the room before the experience is over?

The app has an emergency shut-down system to avoid being found out.
If the mobile receives a slight knock or vibration, SantApp immediately switches off.

What happens if my children’s names aren’t available?

The experience works equally well with a generic text. Your child will be just as excited as if his/her own name had been mentioned. In any case, there are some updates still pending and new names will be included in the future.

The volume is on maximum and yet I can hardly hear anything.

It could be you’re turning up the ringtone instead of the general sound level on the phone. Try turning the sound up when the countdown starts for the SantApp.
If that doesn’t work either, try using another mobile. If that’s not possible you could try using loudspeakers connected to the mobile (via USB cable or Bluetooth).

I hear the start of the audio but it suddenly switches off.

The app has a motion detector that makes the mobile switch off automatically in the event of any vibration or movement.

The app doesn’t activate in the language I want.

SantApp is activated by default in the language option you have configured on your mobile. You can modify these settings so that the app always activates in your phone’s new language or you can change the language setting on the app each time you use it.

I have a doubt

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